Christian motorcyclists stand by other biker groups


Of all the groups of bikers who come to Sturgis every August, there’s one that everyone else relies on when the worst happens.

The Christian Motorcycle Association steps up to lend a hand to people who are injured. John Cordes and Roger Plath are just two of the thousands of volunteers that are a part of CMA.

“If they’re in a bike accident, they may need someone to help find their bike and help them get it out of the towing agency,” said Cordes.

“Typically, anything from holding hands, praying, showing care and compassion,” said Plath.

Members from nearly 1000 chapters across the country come to the Black Hills during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Teaming up with Regional Health hospitals allows them to reach out to those directly impacted by tragedy.

“They provide a room for us to work out of,” said Plath. “They provide a phone that people can call. Staff is so grateful. It’s just a joy to be here.”

“We just get out there and do it and serve,” said Cordes. “There’s times that yeah, we get tired, but you do it anyway.”

You won’t see this group working only during the Rally. They work year-round, across the country to help motorcyclists in need.

“It’s about the hurting people and helping those who are hurting,” said Plath. “Whether the numbers are big or small, it’s a great opportunity to serve the lord in that way.”

You can more information about their group here

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