Black Hills Community Bank donates 53,000 diapers to Cornerstone

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The Cornerstone Women and Children's Home got a huge donation on Wednesday. 

Throughout June, Black Hills Community Bank amassed over 53,000 diapers. The Rapid City location collected 44,349, while the Spearfish location 9,348. They presented them to Cornerstone and the Bella Pregnancy Resource Center in Spearfish. After, they formed a human chain to deliver the diapers inside.

According to Jack Lynass, the President/CEO of Black Hills Community Bank, this is one of the biggest donations for the Cornerstone Women and Children's Home of the year.

"The $10,000 or so or the 40,000 diapers we raise, it's enough to keep those families not worrying about that expense all year long," Lynass said, "It's very satisfying.

Lysa Allison, the executive director of the Cornerstone Mission, said the donation is critical for their mission in helping families.

"We don't have a budget for diapers," said Allison. Diapers are something you can't buy with food stamps, it's something that you don't think about, but it's something we think about every single day because the need is so huge."

This is the ninth year Black Hills Community Bank has made the donation.

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