Train noise prompts 3 million dollar proposal

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Trains are a daily part of life in Rapid City, but what about the noise they cause?

City officials gathered to discuss adopting a draft proposal for a quiet zone through parts of Rapid City in regards to trains horns.

Residents and business have complained about the noise, some residents claiming it wakes them up at least 3-4 times a night. Hotels in the downtown area claimed to receive bad review from customers due to the train horns as well. 

Officials proposed several different plans to meet the requirements of a quiet zone, including adding medians, crossing gates, and way-side horns. Way-side horns are about half the decibels of train horns and would be a permanent fixture at each crossing, minimizing the amount of noise needed to warn vehicles and pedestrians of an oncoming train.

The draft, proposed by Kip Herrington, Long Range Planner and Community Development Chair, has a price tag of anywhere between 3 million and 4.4 million. The price will depend much on what course of action would be taken by the city, among the many different plans. 

City officials voted 4-1 in favor of the proposed draft, Monday 18 June the proposal will move into city council for approval. 

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