National Guard, Ellsworth AFB crews build cooperation during Golden Coyote

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The National Guard's Golden Coyote training continued on Tuesday at West Camp Rapid with a team building exercise.

The Leader Reaction Course (LRC) involved growing Guardsmen as leaders and team players. On the front lines in combat, National Guard leaders say obstacles are unavoidable. Although it's nearly impossible to prevent them, they can prepare for them.

Groups composed of National Guardsmen and Airmen from Ellsworth Air Force Base worked together to overcome those obstacles, both mentally and physically.

According to US Army Master Sergeant Jenny Litzen, logic and teamwork are used to overcome  puzzles, obstacles, and barriers in a simulated combat scenario in the LRC.

"It's a great way for them to come out, and they can have fun, they can hone in on their team-building skills, their communication skills, and their leadership skills," Litzen said.

The twelve courses test the teams problem solving and  strength in a variety of simulations.

Some, like Ellsworth AFB Airman Tanner Hovis say teamwork is imperative to success in the course.

"We all had the same idea, the challenge was just finding out how we're going to get it done when everyone wanted to take charge of it," said Hovis. "But we eventually came together and got it done."

Litzen also said that many times during deployment, the Army, Air Force, and Navy work together to accomplish goals. She said the leadership exercises help build coherence among troops.

"The corroboration for Golden Coyote is a huge thing," said Litzen. "I mean, we have soldiers coming from everywhere to come here to train together, learn about each other, learn what each other brings to the table, and it's a great experience for everybody."

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