Robbinsdale Park opens after 8 months


Rapid City community members are now able to enjoy a newly renovated park.

Robbinsdale Park opened on Tuesday after eight months of construction, with several new additions that engineers and city staff say will better the community.

The park features a new BMX bike track, which has the capacity to host regional and state tournaments. The park also has new walking trails and bike paths. Young baseball players also have a new complex of Harney Little League baseball fields. 

According to Sperlich Consulting Principal Engineer Kale McNaboe, the improvements to the park are a big change for the Robbinsdale neighborhood. 

"The opportunity for expanded use of the park, because I've spent a lot of time at the park with my kids, it's great," said McNaboe. "It hits to home, and I take it to heart that we can make improvements to the Robbinsdale area."

The park also features a new storm runoff collection basin, which engineers say will help reduce flooding in the neighborhood. 

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