CMN Radiothon raises money for the community's smallest patients

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Regional Health Rapid City Hospital is celebrating Children’s Hospital Week with their annual Radiothon.

The fundraiser is this Friday from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. The HomeSlice Group radio stations will be broadcasting live from the hospital lobby and sharing inspiring stories from patients, parents and caregivers. They will emphasize the impact that Children’s Miracle Network has on the community’s smallest patients.

CMN helps to provide comfort, treatment and hope to sick children coming through the hospital doors. From stickers, to medical supplies, to rocking chairs and specialized medical equipment, all the money stays local.

Last year, the Radiothon helped raise around $80,000 for CMN. And every year, the goal is to do even better. People can give money by calling the day of the Radiothon or by going online. And now there is an extra layer to the online component, where people can get more involved with the event through the peer - to - peer fundraising.

Shawn Powers, the CMN Regional Coordinator says, “You can actually create your own donation page, customize it, add your own photos in, set a fundraising goal if you’d like, and it all adds up towards the total fundraising efforts for Radiothon. We have grateful families that have experienced some wonderful care and want to know how they can give back. "

For more information on the Radiothon click here. 

For more information on how to make your own fundraising page click here. 

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