Rapid City sewing enthusiasts make a difference one stitch at a time

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A group of women who share a love for sewing are using it for the greater good. They’re a sewing group at Regional Health Rapid City Hospital, humbly paying it forward.

There are no more than 10 women participating in the volunteer program, and they meet every Monday at the hospital. Every year, they create thousands of handmade items to distribute to patients – including cancer care hats, pillows for patient comfort and baby bibs.

Joyce Bjork, 77, is chairman of the sewing group and has been a member for 39 years. She creates most of the patient care items out of her home and recognizes a need and demand for her service.

 “I feel like we can’t stop,” says Bjork. “I really have this really strong commitment, and I just can’t see not having – like the cancer hats – you know? Well I don’t want to give them up … the heart pillows, [the patients] have to have something when they get up and hold it against their incision.”

Bjork says that members of the sewing group are on a mission to make sure patients at the hospital feel comfortable and cared for. They want nothing in return.

“I don’t have to see them get [the items],” says Bjork. “I’m comfortable with that. We don’t see them get it, but we know that they help.”

The group donates their time, effort and skill – one stitch at a time – to make the world a better place.

Bjork shares what has fueled her to be a driving force of the sewing group for more than four decades.

“It gives you such a good feeling to know whatever you do,” says Bjork, “that if you have helped somebody or made somebody’s day a little bit better, a little bit easier, I think that it’s wonderful.”

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