Firefighters to burn 137 acres of Angostura Recreation Area


A prescribed fire is planned for Angostura Recreation Area on Wednesday. Firefighters are planning on burning around 137 acres in the northeast corner. MAP

Goals for the burn are to improve native grass growth and to provide safe and quality training for the firefighting staff.

Weather conditions will be monitored closely to ensure a safe burn.

Smoke may be visible in the surrounding areas and can linger for several days after ignition. Fire crews will secure, patrol and monitor fire lines as appropriate for public and firefighter safety.

Prescribed fire is used to maintain healthy native vegetation and is needed to prevent the encroachment of invasive species. Fire also reduces the hazardous buildup of debris and dead vegetation, which can fuel wildfires.

This burn was planned by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Wildland Fire Division and South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.

For more information on smoke management visit:

Information from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture

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