Hubbel greets West River voters; discusses gun control

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The campaign trail for the governor of South Dakota saw a new face on the path.

Republican candidate and former state Rep. Lora Hubbel greeted voters during the 2018 Black Hills Home Show at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on Sunday. She gathered signatures from passers-by as she bids to replace incumbent Gov. Dennis Daugaard in the 2018 South Dakota gubernatorial election. She announced her campaign in July 2017.

Potential constituents visited her booth to discuss current topics. NewsCenter1 spoke with Hubbel while she was in Rapid City. She presented herself as the “one true conservative.”

“My moral compass is the Bible,” Hubbel said. “My moral compass is not the law.”

Florida legislators recently signed the “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act” to beef up gun control in the state, including raising the gun-buying age from 18 to 21. The public safety bill rose from the ashes of the Parkland school massacre mid-February.

Hubbel disagreed with the decision, citing personal experience.

“My son was a Marine, and I would like him to have that kind of ability to buy a gun – if he’s going to serve his country, he should be able to buy a gun.”

The Parkland school shooting has also inspired student walkouts across the country. Student-protestors are preparing for the National Student Walkout day on March 14.

Hubbel expressed sympathy for the students, but did not think that their actions were their own.

“I think that’s abusive to a kid’s psyche that [parents] project their opinions onto these children,” Hubbel said. “They don’t have the mental capacity or even the ability to make those changes, so these poor kids are just being abused by all this information. Being forced on these walk-out – it’s not their idea.”

In South Dakota, schools throughout the Black Hills have undergone ALICE training - a modern active shooter response program that employs creative and improvisational thinking to aggressive intruder situations.

Hubbel spoke critically of the program.

“There’s two worlds of thought: one says ‘we’re going to throw crayons at the guy,’ and the other says ‘we’re going to have people that are armed in our schools’,” Hubbel said. “Why do we put the onus on the children? … The children are not responsible. We are the responsible adults. We should be the ones protecting the children.”

Hubbel’s 2018 bid is her second attempt to run for South Dakota governor. She unsuccessfully ran against Gov. Daugaard in the 2014 Republican primary for governor of South Dakota.

Controversy met Hubbel in 2017 when she outed Chair of the South Dakota Republican Party Dan Lederman for having been a registered Democrat in 2000. Hubbel claims membership within the Republican Party, but she served a two-month stint as chair of the South Dakota Constitutional Party in 2017.

Hubbel also ran for lieutenant governor as an Independent – running mate to the late Mike Myers – in 2014. Gov. Daugaard and Lt. Gov. Matthew Michels ultimately won the election.

Hubbel will run against Republican candidates Kristi Noem, Marty Jackley and Terry LaFleur in the Republican Party primary on June 5. Incumbent Gov. Daugaard is in his second term and cannot seek a third term.

The 2018 South Dakota gubernatorial election will be held on November 6.

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