Spearfish Fire Department hiring seasonal engine crew

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With the calendar turning closer to spring, fire season is around the corner.

The Spearfish Fire Department is preparing by hiring a three-person seasonal wildland engine crew. The crew will staff a Type 3 or Type 6 engine to support firefighting efforts both in and out of South Dakota.

Last season, the department failed to find an engine captain for the crew. So this year, the department increased the hourly wage from $15 to $18. The firefighter positions also saw an increase from $12 to $13.50 per hour. While on assignment, each firefighter will make $24.50 per hour.

"Last summer, we tried to have three seasonals," said Spearfish Fire Chief Mark Sachara. "So due to the small labor pool in South Dakota, we were only able to find two for the firefighter positions. And the captain position, we had to take care of internally."

The engine crew will cost the city of Spearfish a base cost of $450 per day. But while on assignment, the department will bring in $850 in revenue. That means that if the crew is on assignment for at least 40 days, the department will break even on their investment.

The crew will be on staff from May 15 to Oct. 15. Apply here

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