Future SDSM&T grads sought after by employers from 18 states

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Nearly 100 employers descended on the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology campus Tuesday, looking for students to fill open positions.

Students came dressed up, resume in hand, for the annual Spring Career Fair. Forty-one of the companies were from South Dakota, and 17 other states were also represented.

Some companies, such as Nucor Steel, have been attending the fair for 15 years.

"They get a diverse education,” said Terry Rasmussen with Nucor Steel. “They understand a lot about the other disciplines that they might not be in. You know, a mechanical engineer knows a little about metallurgy, they know a little about electrical and vice versa. So that cross-education and teamwork ability, that is a huge thing going into the industry."

Mines students are in high demand. About 4 out of 5 have had at least one paid internship before graduating. Ninety-six percent land jobs after graduation.

"Hands-on experience is a big plus with our students for employers,” said Assistant Vice President of Student Development, Darrell Sawyer. “Matter of fact, I had an employer this morning … this was their first time here at the career fair, and they were commenting about the students they'd met with already, had that hands-on attitude experience. And that's a big plus for them in terms of who they are going to hire, compared to going to some other school."

The school also offers a voluntary Mines Advantage Program, which helps prepare students for their future careers.

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