Box Elder man claims $157K Dakota Cash jackpot

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Photo Courtesy: South Dakota Lottery

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Dean Warkentine’s persistence paid off when his weekly Dakota Cash purchase made him South Dakota’s latest jackpot winner.

Warkentine’s routine purchase of Dakota Cash tickets at the Fresh Start in Box Elder proved worthwhile as he claimed the $156,991 jackpot. Saturday’s drawing was eventful, especially after the U.S. Air Force veteran learned where the winning ticket was sold.

“I found out that the winning ticket was sold at the place where we bought it,” Warkentine said. “When I saw that, I had a really good feeling that we won.”

After the news broke, Warkentine and his wife, Antonia, quickly checked their tickets to see if his hopes turned into reality. Warkentine notes that they initially didn’t think they won, but a second look at the winning numbers brought plenty of jubilation.

“Antonia looked at the ticket and didn’t think we won, but she looked at the wrong ticket. We realized the mistake then all of the screaming started,” Warkentine said. “My 11-year-old grandson, Aidan, was kind of astonished. He was skyping with his cousin in Germany when all of this went down.”

Now that the initial shock as subsided, the Box Elder resident already has plans on how his family will enjoy the jackpot prize.

“It feels good,” said Warkentine. “My wife just retired and had surgery, so we are on more of a fixed income than what we were. This will give us more freedom and we will be able to pay off our debt. That will be great.”

As for his future with lottery, Warkentine plans to continue to enjoy testing his luck. Warkentine notes that his advice to his fellow players is “just keep trying. We just never gave up.”

The Dakota Cash game is exclusive to South Dakota with drawings each Wednesday and Saturday.

Information from the South Dakota Lottery

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