Rapid City breaks record for single-building permit

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Building permit numbers for the month of January are in, and they have topped a few records.

Rapid City issued 236 building permits in January, with a total valuation of $97.5 million. Also issued was a record-setting $92.5 million single permit to Rapid City Regional Hospital for its phase two expansion. This is more than double of any valuation of a single permit in the city's history.

Officials also say that the city's 236 building permits was the third highest ever issued for the month of January.

According to City Planner Ken Young, Rapid City's steady pattern of growth will only continue in the future. 

"In the last 5 years or so, a lot of commercial development, we've seen a lot of that, we're expecting more this year," said Young. "With the hospital, there's been a lot of focus on health services and the professional services that go along with that, so I think that we're going to continue to see some growth in that sector of the economy. We will see more of the commercial development as well, and housing as well."

Other permits issued for January included a RCSD Associates LLC cafeteria for $250,000, and four new garages at private residences.

In all of 2017, total building permits exceeded $300 million.

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