Civic Center works nonstop to clean after stock show

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Two weeks to set up - only a matter of days to tear down.

The 60th annual Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo wrapped up Saturday night after nine days of events at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

Immediately following Saturday night’s events, the Civic Center began to tear down the stock show and prepare for events later this week. Employees will work around the clock to get the Civic Center ready, including moving dirt out of the Don Barnett Arena, hosing down Rushmore Hall, and changing out more than 800 air filters.

"You think of all those animal pens and everything that you have to move out on Saturday night overnight,” said Craig Baltzer, the executive director of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. “Sunday, get everything out. All those vendors, getting them out of here, before we can even start cleaning and before we even start changing air filters, we got to get all that done. Meanwhile, we’re loading in all our other events this week."

Baltzer says that his employees take real pride in making sure that the Civic Center is ready for each and every event, which includes a successful cleanup of the events prior.

"We’re getting down to, where most everything that needs to get out, is out," Baltzer says. "Most, not all. Now, we’re down to the fine cleaning. You know, the Civic Center’s always been so well-kept. And that’s not my testament. It was that way when I got here. The crew here does such a great job at keeping it clean. And after a big event like this, with all the dirt and cattle and all that kind of stuff, that is the challenge - getting all those filters done, getting everything that we need to get done, done in time for these events to roll in."

Baltzer added that the stock show kicks off the busiest time of the year for the Civic Center, which will last until April. During that time, the Civic Center will host numerous trade shows, banquets and concerts, as well as Rapid City Rush hockey games.

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