After GOP train crash, RCPD reminds public about railroad safety

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Edgemont Class 1 Railroad Edgemont Class 1 Railroad

After a train carrying members of Congress to a GOP getaway struck a truck in Virginia, local law enforcement is reminding the public about railroad crossing safety.

"Locomotives weigh about 400,000 pounds," said Rapid City Police Department Crash Investigator Derek Mann. "It takes an incredible distance for a train to even stop. Trains have 100 percent of the right of way at all times, just do to the fact that they cannot stop."

Mann also says that crossing over railroad tracks when the warning lights are on is a violation of state law. Vehicles carrying multiple passengers or hazardous materials are required to make a full stop at railroad crossings, even if there is not a train coming.

Officials are also warning people about how fast trains can move. Although it may look like they are moving slowly at a distance, they can actually be moving at much faster speeds.

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