Rapid City fourth graders adopt a farmer

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Usually, you hear about grown-ups adopting kids. But this story is the other way around.

Pierpont cattle farmer Clint Brandlee has been 'adopted' for the year by students of South Park and Valley View Elementary Schools in Rapid City. He’s been sharing video messages with the fourth-grade classes every month.

On Friday, the students, the farmer and his wife got to meet each other face-to-face. The couple showed the students the feed their cows eat and they spoke a bit about their farm.  

"It's kind of interesting … seeing silage or corn and things that we see and deal with every day,” said Kelly Brandlee, Clint’s wife. “We think silage is actually a good smell. I actually like it and everyone’s like, 'oh that's gross,' you know? And just things that they don't get to touch and see every day like we do. We take it for granted, and it’s kind of just fun to see them light up and have an interest in what we do every day."

In his monthly videos, Clint shows the students how he takes care of his cattle, how crops are harvested, and how calves are weaned in the fall.

"Once a month, we're out filming whatever we’re doing on the farm,” said Clint. “The first one was combining soy beans, then … corn. And then the third video was, we're working calves and everything.” 

Ag United for South Dakota has coordinated the Adopt A Farmer program for the last 6 years. More than 6,000 fourth graders and 20 farmers have participated in the program since it began.

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