Black Hawk kindergartners perfect their biking skills

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The Black Hawk community can expect 11 new bicyclists to hit the trails this spring.

Kindergartners from Black Hawk Elementary have spent the last week and a half perfecting their skills on a Strider Bike. It’s a special bike without pedals that teaches children balance and coordination.

The Strider Education Foundation was founded in 2007 and gives bikes to schools, helping kindergartners and first-graders learn how to ride.

Strider Bike Content Marketing WriterSarah Pioske said that because of financial restraints, more time spent with technology and less time spent outside, there has been a decrease in kids learning how to ride bikes.

“We’ve obviously noticed a significant drop in kids riding bikes - even specifically to school,” Pioske said. “It’s dropped over 60 percent … since 1969.”

Pioske said 10 to 13 percent of kids ride bikes to school.

Physical Education Teacher at Black Hawk Elementary, Tari Phares, said that watching the transformation of the kindergartners was exciting.

“A lot of kids started out real cautious on the bikes and not sure – didn’t even want to sit on it at first,” Phares says. “But their confidence just built.”

After the students completed the riding session on Wednesday, they were given a certificate of accomplishment.

The foundation hopes to provide every school in Rapid City with Strider Bikes.

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