Ranch bronc riding celebrates traditional ranch work

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The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo is known for some of the best rodeo action in the state. On Wednesday, ranch bronc riders from across the region came to the Central States Fairgrounds to compete.

Unlike saddle bronc riding, these riders can use their everyday saddles and are able to hold on with both hands, trying to stay on for 8 seconds. This type of riding has a long tradition.

“They used to break horses that way,” said Chuck Christman, a spectator. "They'd throw a saddle on them, get on them, and ride them til they quit bucking ... it's a lot of fun to watch.”

Rider Brittany Miller said ranch bronc riding is unique.

"It’s the traditional form of bronc riding,” Miller said. “We use our everyday working saddles. So, there's really not a whole lot that's different. I mean, there's small changes that we make to kind of help stay on a little bit better. But it’s pretty cool because it's just old school."

Before the two-hour competition, spectators enjoyed biscuits and gravy at the Broncs for Breakfast event. Then, they watched 32 riders compete for $6,000 on Burch Rodeo stock. Points were awarded for control, aggressiveness, exposure, length of spur stroke and drag timing.


1st. Devyn Sisnero
2nd Chris Laucomer
3rd Paul Kearns
4/5/6 Roger Jumping Eagle
4/5/6 Dillon Ducheaux
4/5/6 Jeremiah Janis
7th Tyler Meekma

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