Auto maintenance: Not just for boys anymore

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A well-maintained car is the best way to avoid trouble on the road, but flat tires are one problem that even the best maintained cars sometimes must deal with.

While such things like changing a tire are still often considered to be a man’s job, one Belle Fourche business took a step toward changing that stereotype Saturday.

Cory’s Tire Factory’s Belle Fourche location held a special class Saturday afternoon to teach women how to safely change tires.

Many people stranded on the side of the road simply call for roadside assistance, but in a big state like South Dakota, help can be hours away. Knowing how to safely change a tire, which is something almost anyone can do, can reduce the inconvenience and danger of being stranded in isolated places.

“We’ve noticed that a lot of women really haven’t been properly educated on how to change a tire,” said Kevin McKay, store manager of Cory’s Tire Factory in Belle Fourche. “Several times a week we get women coming in with flat tires that they don’t know what to do about it.”

And even though Saturday’s class was for women, Kevin emphasized that everyone who drives a vehicle should know the basics about tire changing and maintenance.

“Anyone who drives a vehicle should be able to change a tire,” said McKay. “Women, men, teenagers, it really doesn’t matter. Everyone should be properly educated on how to get themselves somewhere safe in a situation like that.”

Cory’s Tire Factory of Belle Fourche will soon announce another class on preventive maintenance under the hood, that you can do all by yourself.

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