Rapid City Catholic School System launches annual fundraiser

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The Rapid City Catholic School System is kicking off their annual Million Dollar Fundraiser, which assists with their annual operations.

Through a sponsorship with Catholic United Financial, all of the proceeds benefit Rapid City Area Catholic Schools. The fundraiser, which is conducted by 84 schools across South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota, contributes money to help out with tuition costs, technology, and new opportunities for students.

Tickets can be bought from St. Thomas Moore's middle school, and high school, and St. Elizabeth Seaton. They will be sold for $5 through Feb. 25.

According to St. Thomas Moore High School Events Marketing Director, Liz Myscofski, the raffle helps kids receive a quality Catholic education.

“This is a really great fundraiser because 100 percent of those $5 tickets that we ask people to purchase stays right here at the school,” said Myscofski. “We don't have any cost for promotional material. Catholic United Financial donates all of that just to make sure kids can have an affordable Catholic education in our community.”

Rapid City Catholic School System officials have set a fundraising goal of $40,000 before Feb. 25.

With the purchase of each ticket, buyers have the opportunity to win a 2018 Chevy Trax, $20,000 or a number of other prizes.

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