Suzie Cappa honors Artist of the Year, Jeff McGlade

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RAPID CITY, S.D. - The Suzie Cappa Art Center supports artists of all abilities in creating a wide variety of inspiring work. Each year, the center’s Arts Ambassadors Committee selects one person to be honored as Artist of the Year.

Thirty-two-year-old Jeff McGlade is a painter who pays close attention to detail, and daily illustrates the importance of doing what you love – no matter the odds.

“I like to work hard,” said McGlade. “Concentrate in your head; think about it.”

The artist pulls his inspiration from one of the world’s most famous painters, named Vincent Van Gogh.

On Jan. 12, McGlade will be presented with an award and honored for his growth, accomplishments, and exuberant charisma.

Suzie Cappa Art Center Project Manager Britny Jenkins describes McGlade as well-deserving of the praise.   

“He’s just an amazing human being,” said Jenkins. “He has a philosophy that everyone is number one in their own way.”

One instructor has known the artist for more than 7 years and is pleased to witness his growth.

“When we started doing the classes on different techniques and artists the Van Gogh style just clicked with him,” said Suzie Cappa Art Center Studio Manager Carla Julius.

McGlade believes in taking the time to mentally prepare, and encourages aspiring artists to practice patience on their own canvases.

“I just take my time,” said McGlade “take my time and think about it in my head.”

The 2018 Artist of the Year will be honored on Jan. 12 at 6 p.m., joined by family, friends, and staff. If you’re interested in supporting McGlade’s journey, click here.

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