Record-breaking building permit issued for Regional Health expansion

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The Rapid City Building Services Division on Thursday issued its highest-valued building permit in city history – a record-breaking $92 million permit for the second phase of the expansion of Rapid City Regional Hospital.

The permit’s value is more than double the previous record holder, a $45.8 million permit for Black Hills Energy’s Horizon Point headquarters, in 2016.

This all comes on the heels of 2017, a year which saw building permit valuations of over $300 million for the second straight time, and over $200 million for the seventh consecutive year.

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While Rapid City seems to be on a building roll, the Rapid City Communications Division’s Darrell Shoemaker was careful to point out that the permits are for diverse projects, and they are not taking the success for granted.

“It’s new construction, such as the Rural America Initiatives facility and the Wellfully facility,” Shoemaker said. “We’re seeing expansions like with Rapid City Regional [Hospital], and their new advanced sports medicine institute. So across the board, we’re seeing that development. It’s tough to draw any conclusions for 2018. We always kind of go in guarded, and we take each month as it comes.”

Shoemaker also pointed out that the permits don’t just mean new facilities across the city, but also more jobs for skilled workers and a stronger tax base.

“Behind all of those permits, it’s welders, it’s painters, it’s electricians,” Shoemaker said. “It’s people who are put to work. And when you have a good string of these large permits, you know that’s putting a lot of people to work on that infrastructure to that particular facility, whether it’s new construction or it’s expansion. So, when we see good development like this over a good period of time, a consistent period of time, that means that the job market locally is pretty healthy.”

Shoemaker mentioned that this past December, more than $41.3 million in building permits was issued – a monthly record.

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