Pennington County Commissioners vote to fund administration building security

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After concerns for employee safety at the Pennington County Administration Building on Kansas City Street, the Pennington County Board of Commissioners voted to reinstate security. 

Some of the concerns by employees stemmed in part from safety needs for a proposed Transformation Center. DETAILS

The decision to reinstate security was made Dec 19., but funding for that additional security was decided Tuesday. The board approved $72,869 to pay for deputies from the Pennington County Sheriff's Office to act in a security capacity. There will be one deputy stationed in the building during business hours.

Photo Courtesy: Pennington County Sheriff's Office

District 5 Commissioner Ron Buskerud proposed a measure to use contingency funds to supplement this cost to the sheriff's office.

The Board of Commissioners also approved the funding for the reinstated security at the Treasurers Wall Satellite Office, which will cost $7,015. That bill will also be paid using contingency funds.

In 2016, all of the approximately $100,000 in contingency funds was returned to the taxpayers.

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