RCPD: Driver in stolen car pursuit gets away

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Police entered into a short pursuit with the driver of a stolen vehicle on New Year's Day. The suspect was not found, and the owner of the vehicle is not pressing charges.

The pursuit began Monday around 2:30 a.m. after an officer noticed a Pontiac Grand Prix without its license plate illuminated. The driver refused to stop, leading police around the downtown area. The driver finally came to a stop in the alleyway behind 1123 Kansas City St. and ran away.

Police got a hold of the vehicle's owner, who wasn't interested in pressing charges. The owner claims the vehicle was unattended and running to warm up before they noticed it was missing.

In light of this incident, police remind the public to not leave a vehicle unattended and/or running unless it is secured. During this time of year, police see an increase in stolen vehicles.

"Securing your vehicle is a good habit to get into," said RCPD Community Relations Specialist Brendyn Medina in a written statement. "We hope the community can make securing their vehicle a priority as they consider their New Year’s resolutions for 2018."

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