NewsCenter1 is no longer on DirecTV

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DirecTV Update: KNBN-TV continues to negotiate with DirecTV for carriage of our signal on their service. Because the negotiations are ongoing, there is little we can say except that we continue to talk.

KNBN-NewsCenter1, the Black Hills area NBC affiliate and MyNetwork programming, is no longer on DirecTV as of midnight, Dec. 31, 2017.

KNBN-TV, the area’s only locally-owned media outlet, has been actively negotiating with DirecTV, but was unable to come to an agreement prior to the expiration of the contract.

As negotiations to restore NewsCenter1’s signal to DirecTV customers progress, NewsCenter1 would like to remind DirecTV customers that they can continue to watch NewsCenter1 programming over the air using an antenna, or online at

Viewers who watch NewsCenter1 and MyNetwork via DirecTV are encouraged to contact DirecTV at 855-802-3473 and request that NewsCenter1 and MyNetwork programming be restored.

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