Santa Claus selects USPS for Christmas letter delivery

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Christmas is fewer than three weeks away, and Santa Claus is busier than ever getting ready for the big day. So, Santa has teamed up with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to reliably deliver mail from America to his workshop at the North Pole.

It’s the 105th year of the partnership between the USPS and Santa Claus. Postmaster Lyle LaCroix of the Rapid City Post Office says they are proud to be a part of the team helping the big man, making sure that all letters to Santa and his responses are delivered in a timely manner.

“We try to help Santa Claus out because Santa Claus is busy,” LaCroix said. “He’s one man and he’s delivering to the world, so I believe that Santa Claus does want to respond to everybody, and we help him do that.”

LaCroix also reminds everyone writing to Santa to always include a return address on the mailing envelope, and that letters must be received by the Post Office by December 22 to ensure that Santa will have time to reply.

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