New studies find that coffee may help you live longer

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Coffee lovers rejoice! According to NBC News, new studies are finding that coffee is more likely to help you than harm you.

Clinical Dietitian at Rapid City Regional Health Katlyn Thomas says there are several health benefits to drinking coffee.

“Coffee might decrease your risk of dying from diabetes, cardiac disease, stroke and infections,” Thomas says. “And it might increase your chance of living longer.”

Don’t get too excited. Thomas says that anything over 4 cups – or 32 oz – is considered excessive.

“It can increase their risk of being addicted to coffee,” she says. “It’s a stimulant. So they can have [an] increased risk of headache, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, insomnia - so there definitely are some not benefits to drinking a bunch of coffee.”

NBC News says that data from over 200 studies also shows that coffee is linked to a lower risk of depression and dementia. But some people need to be cautious before they indulge in the beverage.

“Pregnant women drinking excess of 200 mg of caffeine a day could increase their risk of low birth weight for their baby,” Thomas says. “And metabolism of caffeine is decreased during pregnancy and it readily crosses the placenta barrier. So the baby’s metabolism of the caffeine is very slow.”

Health experts also warn that adding too much sugar, syrup or cream can reverse the benefits.

But for now, coffee enthusiasts can consider it safe and beneficial to drink 3-4 cups a day.

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