Edgemont teen faces expulsion after attacking another student

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The latest on an incident at Edgemont High School in which one student cut another student with a utility knife.

Dec. 8

A female high school student who cut another student in the neck with a utility knife has been suspended for 10 days and is facing expulsion.

Edgemont Superintendent Dave Cortney says the incident is best described as a stabbing. He says the injured student is doing well and back at school, even participating in athletics. The incident happened in an art class where utility knives were being used. 

The victim was speaking with the teacher when the stabbing occurred. Cortney described the first-year teacher as steady and strong throughout the incident. A Fall River sheriff's deputy responded in about seven minutes with ambulances not far behind.

Cortney is pleased with how everyone worked together and handled the situation. With student safety a number one priority, the high school practices lockdowns twice a year.

The suspended student could be expelled for 1 year. That decision will be made by the school board on Monday. If the student is expelled, the board will meet in 1 year to determine if it's appropriate for the student to return.

Going forward, there is currently no plan to change policy on how tools like utility knives are used in the classroom. Cortney says the matter opens up a whole discussion about scissors and similar instruments used throughout the district.


Dec. 4

The Edgemont School District enforced lockdown procedures after an incident involving a utility knife.

According to Superintendent Dave Cortney, the lockdown lasted from around 10:45 a.m. to noon Monday. All Edgemont schools are located on one campus, so the entire district was under lockdown.

This was an isolated incident involving two students. No other students were in danger.

Cortney said one student received medical attention and was sent home. The other student left the school with family, followed by Fall River County deputies to their destination.

Cortney said the lockdown was meant to keep the hallways clear and to protect the privacy of the students involved.

After the lockdown, the district sent a phone message to parents. The message stated that there had been a lockdown, but it had been lifted, and students were safe.

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