Former Post 22 star, major leaguer to lead Hardhats

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After this past season, Rapid City Post 22 General Manager Mitch Messer decided to leave the team and take a leadership position with the new Rapid City Expedition Summer Baseball League.

Messer was also head coach of the Hardhats, leaving a big void in the Post 22 Front Office.

Earlier this fall, former Post 22 player Wayne Sullivan was named the general manager, and Wednesday, he made filled the Hardhats coaching position.

And it's a name some locals may recognize — Kelvin Torve. Torve was introduced by Sullivan before some players, parents and fans Wednesday.

He played for Post 22 from 1976 to 1978 and has experience at virtually every level. Torve had a successful college career at Oral Roberts University before stints in the major leagues with the Minnesota Twins and New York Mets. He then went on to play in Japan too.

He's hitting the Post 22 cycle of sorts — having started as a player, then progressed to head coach for the Bullets, Cadets and now the Hardhats. And Torve said that varied perspective will play a role in his coaching.

"Just because we're from Rapid City, and from a small town in the middle of nowhere, doesn't mean that we can't go compete at the highest level. Look at Dave Collins, Mark Ellis, Jeff Andrews coached in the big leagues. Sam Wolff, we've got a guy on the doorstep of the big leagues from Rapid City,” Torve said. “So, one thing that I've really impressed on my kids is that just because you're from Rapid City, you don't take a back seat to anybody. You can play with anybody, but to do that, you've gotta put the work in today. You've gotta do it now. You can't just wait until tomorrow. You've gotta do it today."

The new head coach said he's excited to continue the Post 22 legacy.

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