Public Works approves $1.2M Memorial Park renovation

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The Rapid City Department of Public Works unanimously approved a $1.2 million project to revamp west Memorial Park.

Department of Public Works members stressed that the west side of Memorial Park has been neglected over the years and is due for a major upgrade.

Parts of the bike path that are out of ADA compliance will be renovated and more storm water drainage systems will be added. Storm water must be regulated as an EPA requirement. 

According to Rod Johnson, the operations management engineer for Rapid City, the money will also be spent renovating the park's water basin and managing runoff into Rapid Creek.

“We're going to have an area really from Mountain View Road to East Boulevard where we’ve accomplished a lot of storm water quality,” said Johnson. “It’s important for Rapid Creek, the cold water fishery, the recreation."

Members also approved a $10,000 renovation to Fire Station Five on the west side of Rapid City.

The proposals will now move to the Rapid City Common Council for approval.

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