HOPE Center provides blankets to people in need

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In light of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, the HOPE Center in Rapid City provided blankets and hot chocolate to the homeless and those living in poverty on Monday.

Due to recent drops in temperature, The HOPE Center staff want to prepare people in need for the winter months. The nonprofit took in several blanket donations last week for the giveaway, but Executive Director Anna Quinn says that's only going to cover a small group of people in need.

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“Historically, we give out about 150 to 200 blankets, but we need blankets all winter long,” said Quinn. “Because we estimate there are about 2,000 people that are homeless in Rapid City and living out on the streets, your blankets get wet, they get lost, they get damaged. And so, having blankets all winter long - having the donations of blankets all winter long - is really important, because it's not just tonight; it's not just tomorrow night - it’s all winter."

The HOPE Center is accepting donations all year during their normal business hours.

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