Local teenager raises awareness about dyslexia

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 According to the Dyslexia Center of Utah, 70 to 80 percent of people with poor reading skills are likely dyslexic and one local girl is raising awareness.

Miss Rapid City’s Outstanding Teen, Faith Burnette, gave a presentation earlier today at Rapid City’s public library, discussing dyslexia. Burnett herself was diagnosed with the condition in middle school and has since been speaking out about it.

“People don't know really what it is and how hard it is,” Burnett said. “It affects 20 percent of the population about - so it's very common. And it's sad to see this many kids are getting missed in the schools and are falling behind and not reaching their potential because they can't learn to read like everyone else."

Burnett discussed her own experience and how she was held back a year in school. However, she says her diagnosis ultimately helped her self-esteem.

"Before I got diagnosed, I pretty much knew already because a lot of the signs matched up,” Burnett said. “And so, it was just having that confirmation … and why so long I was struggling in school - helped me understand myself.

Burnett has created the Evaluation Scholarship Fund to assist others in receiving dyslexic testing.

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