WDT camp provides inside look into high-demand careers

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Throughout the year, Western Dakota Technical Institute hosts high school students for interactive educational camps.

A transportation and manufacturing camp, provided students with a look at careers in welding, computer-aided drafting, precision machining, and transportation technology. Demand in related fields is expected to increase over the next several years. According to Western Dakota Tech, between 2014 and 2024, diesel technician positions are expected to grow by 12 percent, machinists by 6 percent, and welders by 4 percent. 

School Admissions Counselor Rachel Skea says the camps allows students to get hands-on experience in several careers fields that they might be interest in pursuing in the future.

"We want them working with hands on, everyday kind of active learning,” said Skea. “Not only is it engaging your physical activity, but your mental activity. You are learning how to deal with customers and working in another space with other students, and for future reference with other coworkers and your employer. So, it gives them kind of a well-rounded opportunity to check everything out, see what they like, and see how they work with other people." 

Skea added that high school students can be dually enrolled at Western Dakota Tech starting their education careers highlighted at camp. Western Dakota Tech is hosting a dual enrollment informational night on Dec. 13.

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