Rapid City alderwomen hold public forum to discuss city issues

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Two Rapid City Common Council members held an informal meeting to hear from the public on a variety of topics on Thursday night.

Councilwomen Darla Drew and Laura Armstrong discussed the creation of high paying jobs for young adults in Rapid City, praising the prospect of a second small business incubation center for graduates of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

The public shared their ideas about city beautification, downtown parking management, and solutions to homelessness. Drew cited the city of San Antonio, Texas and their program called Haven for Hope.

After the meeting, Drew said Rapid City is continuing to grow and improve by the day.

“Our city is growing, its growing in a smart way,” she said. “Problems that people have said can't be solved - we're working on solving them.”

Community members also spoke up during the meeting, and suggested purchasing more banner hangers for a project which honors Rapid City veterans.

It is unclear when, but Drew plans on hosting more public forums in the future.

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