World Sandwich Day: Free meals for the hungry

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Friday was World Sandwich Day, celebrating the lunchtime favorite in 80 nations across the world.

For the second year, Subway restaurants recognized the day with a special offer of a free sub with the purchase of a sandwich and a 30 ounce drink.

The sandwich retailer took it a step further, though, making the day an opportunity to help the hungry.

“Subway is a fast-forward thinking company,” said Doris Mitchell, a crew member at the Mountain View location in Rapid City. “They are there for their employees, and any way that Subway can help with the local community - because they provide for us - we’d like to provide for them.”

With every free sandwich given, one meal was donated to Feeding America. In 2016, Subway’s World Sandwich Day promotion resulted in 11 million donated meals - the largest single-day donation in Feeding America’s history. Subway hopes to break that record, expanding this year’s promotion to restaurants around the world.

Seventy-five percent of all the donated meals generated by Subway restaurants in the state went to Feeding South Dakota.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that Feeding South Dakota is supported by the community,” said Debbie Renner, a development associate with Feeding South Dakota. “From local businesses to national, having a business like Subway choose to support an organization like Feeding America, and have those proceeds come back down to the local area, that’s just a wonderful feeling.”

More than 41 million people across the United States often go hungry. If you’d like to help make the holidays happier for people in need, visit Feeding South Dakota online for information.

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