SD Mines students ‘rockin’ it’ for rock and fossil ID day

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The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology hosted the 5th annual Rock and Fossil ID Day Wednesday afternoon at the school’s Museum of Geology.

The unique event is an opportunity for members of the public to bring in interesting rocks or fossils and learn what they are and what they are made of.

Students of geology and paleontology had the chance to exercise their analytical skills in a practical environment by observing and conducting various tests to determine the identity and composition of the items visitors brought them.

And the excitement of discovery wasn’t confined to the visitors at the museum.

“I’m always really excited when there’s something I haven’t necessarily seen before,” said Hallie Bower, a senior geology student. “It’s really cool to see their face, whether it’s like ‘Oh, it’s not valuable,’ or if it is valuable, then they get excited, but even if not, they probably get excited because I’m excited.”

The students and faculty present warned any aspiring rock and fossil collectors, however, that taking rocks or fossils from any public or Indian lands without the proper permits is illegal.

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