Free student RapidRides continues to grow

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Last year's experiment is already this year's success. City transit officials say the program offering free rides to school-age children and teens continues to show strong growth.

During the first month of this school year, youth ridership was up 46.9 percent compared to last September, to almost 11,700 trips. And October started at a record pace, with more than 600 youth passenger trips on Oct. 1 and nearly 700 on Oct. 2.

A youth passenger trip is defined as a boarding by a school-age youth. So, one student going to school in the morning and home in the afternoon would count as two youth passenger trips.

In addition, overall use of the system was up 14 percent year-over-year in September.

The free youth ride program was initiated last school year. Youth ridership grew steadily throughout the year ending the year with more than 88,000 youth passenger trips.

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