City hires new planning director

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Ken Young, Rapid City’s new planning and development director, sat next to Mayor Steve Allender on Monday afternoon to introduce himself to the community.

Young has big plans for the city, both in terms of developing new projects and completing the existing ones.

“We're real anxious and able to make good plans, but the implementation of those plans is where it's lacking a little bit … I’m really excited to get involved with implementing some of the goals which have already been established.”

Young has served as the community development director in Pleasant Grove, Utah for the last 11 years. In the 1990s, Young served as the assistant city manager in Mesquite, NV.

As he becomes adjusted to Rapid City and its needs, Young said he is open to modifying city plans.

"In time, as I get more into it, we'll look at, 'Do we need to do some updates or upgrades to those plans so that we're heading in the right direction?"

The mayor said Young's outside perspective will bring much-needed change to Rapid City.

“We're always looking to challenge our own culture,” said Allender. “And we’re always looking for fresh views, and new things and a better future.”

Young's main goal is to work with both the public and the city to accomplish new projects.

Since March of 2016, Dale Tech has been the interim director of the department. Now, he's taken up a position as director of the City’s Public Works Department.

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