Rapid City Area School District unveils new strategic plan

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Parents, teachers, and community members gathered on Thursday night at Central High School to hear the Rapid City Area School District’s new strategic plan.

The plan involves revamping many of the school system’s expectations and core values imposed on students. Among those are: reading, learning with modern technology, preparing for future careers, teaching, and creating community partnerships.

RCAS also went through a marketing revamp, and debuted its newly designed logo and new website.

One of the topics covered during the meeting was community outreach from the school, and integrating students into community programs.

“[We have] partners in our business community who are ready and waiting to partner with us in this work,” said Dr. Lori Simon, the superintendent of RCAS. “This is a key foundational year to really launch pretty much every area of our strategic plan but it is going to take us 5 years to really get there to full implementation.”

The RCAS also answered questions from parents concerning the new plan and how it would affect their children.

Some parents also asked about programs for gifted learners and whether they were considered in the new revamp of the school system. School board officials said they are still working out options for gifted students in the new system.

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