Hundreds auditioned in Rapid City to become the next American Idol

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The Famous television show, American Idol, came to Rapid City, and hundreds lined the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center early Sunday morning, for a chance to audition to become the next American Idol.

Nineteen cities nationwide will host American Idol auditions this year. People traveled to Rapid City from hundreds of miles away to audition. Including one singer from Minnesota chasing the dream her father and her pursued before cancer got in the way.

"The last time that I wanted to audition, my dad was really sick with cancer, so I didn't really get the chance to do it,” said Megan Jones, from Mankato, Minnesota. “So now I'm just carrying on, singing a song my dad used to sing to me before he passed away."

People that patiently waited for their audition, described their feelings as, nervous, anxious, and excited. Some people waited nearly all day. Contestant Soleil Bashale, didn’t mind waiting, and got to know other people waiting.

"Honestly, I feel good,” said Bashale. “I've met a bunch of artists and they all seem cool. It’s just a great environment and I feel good.”

Though some didn't make it to the next round, they still plan to pursue their dream.

"It's been my dream” said Katlin, who was auditioning with a friend. “They say there is like a cash prize and a record deal if you win the actual show, and honestly I didn't care about the money I just care about fulfilling my dream."

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