Community helps celebrate Native POP

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Music and dance could be seen and heard earlier Saturday, at Main Street Square. Native People of the Plains featured different musicians, performances and artwork throughout the day.

This is the fifth year that the event has been held at Main Street Square with it growing every year. Chair of the Organizing Committee, Peter Strong, explained that over a dozen of unique artists set up their booths to sell their artwork, all offering different inspiration.

“A lot of Native artists work in so many different mediums,” Strong said. “They work in themes that range from traditional themes - what people kind of think of when they think of native art - like long hair feathers and sunsets. There's people where traditional regalia, but then there's painters and there's people who are influenced by graffiti and pop art - and it really ranges. It's whatever native creativity is bringing to us through those artists.”

The event also showcased the native culture while bringing the community together.

“The whole reason that we formed this committee is that we wanted to do this show, this is about creating a dialogue through culture between all different kinds of people,” Strong said. “So, it's all about coming out, learning about each other through arts and culture.”

Native POP has a vision of sharing art and culture, breaking stereotypes and promoting and engaging Native artists.

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