New RCAS assistant superintendent implements Dr. Simon's plan

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The Rapid City Area School District has a new assistant superintendent, who will work as the chief of staff in support of Dr. Lori Simon.

Matthew Seebaum graduated with a degree in elementary education from the University of Wyoming and began his career as an elementary school teacher in Texas. From there, he served as a principal for eight years. For the past 10 years, he worked as the senior director for educational services leadership services and human capital at McRel International, an education and research consulting firm based out of Denver, Colo.

Seebaum's primary responsibilities as assistant superintendent include supporting principals, schools, and the day-to-day business of leading high-quality instruction throughout the district. Seebaum is working with Simon to implement the new strategic plan for this coming school year. He'll also help establish - as he calls it - a "school district," not a "district of schools."

"In this concept, we are leading the district - Dr. Simon and I are - with our team, from that instructional perspective, believing that if we improve instruction across the board in the district and reduce variability from classroom to classroom, school to school, we are going to be able to see some gains and ... meeting the needs of all kids all the time,” Seebaum said.

Seebaum's first day on the job was July 1. Since then, he has had face-to-face interactions with RCAS principals and staff.

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