Wellness Wednesday: Restorative Yoga

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Summer temperatures may bring most people outdoors for their daily exercise, but lately, people seem to be going back inside to avoid the heat. One such exercise is yoga, allowing you to de-stress and build muscle.

And there's not just one kind of yoga. There’s hot yoga, paddle board yoga and even goat yoga - all of which can be overwhelming for a beginner. The owner of Spearfish Yoga & Strength, Melissa Currier, may have the answer on where to start - restorative yoga.


“We focus on deep stretches, flexibility, mobility, things like that – relaxation,” Currier said. “I started this studio just to be able to offer classes at different levels for different people, and I want everyone to be able to feel like they can come to a class no matter their fitness level or if they’ve ever done yoga before.”

Restorative yoga is slower-paced and better suited for beginners who are still learning the different poses and names. However, it's not just for yogis.

“Every athlete should take a yoga class just to keep their mobility, as well as their flexibility, which will later help them in their sport,” Currier said.

With restorative yoga, not only will your muscles deeply relax, but by the end of the class, you’ll be stress-free and ready to tackle your day.   

“At the beginning, there’s a lot more chatter and everybody’s kind of excited,” Currier said. “Then by the end of the class, everybody has a little bit of calm in them. At the end of every class we take a sort of rest, no matter if it’s a hard class or a restorative class or a power class. We always do the rest at the end, just to kind of get our breath back and be able to relax and start our day.”

In the end - whether yoga is or isn’t your thing - at least you’ll be in an air-conditioned room.

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