Dough Trader Pizza

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A quaint restaurant in Spearfish is making big waves in the pizza industry. Dough Trader Pizza was recently named Best Pizza in South Dakota by USA Today and the Spoon University website. The reviewers chalk it up to simplicity and consistency. 

What sets them apart is the dough - sour dough in fact. They use a 130-year-old starter yeast to craft their popular crust. 

Owner of Dough Trader Pizza, Kristen Bell, said that sour dough was all bread was until the WWII era.

"Our particular starter came out of an 1880s mining camp in Bay Horse, Idaho, and it's one of those things that you use some for your dough and you save some back, and use some," Bell said. 

The building is special too. Bell's grandfather constructed it in 1960 as the Bell Boy Drive Inn. Since then, it's housed a number of businesses. It is now completely renovated, and Bell describes it as an "eclectic feel," offering customers a relaxed atmosphere. 

"Dough Trader" was coined by Kristen's father. Since they don't take credit cards, they'd rather trade you your dough for their dough. The business just celebrated six years in the Spearfish community.

NewsCenter1's Anya Mueller learned how to make one of the famous pizzas with Dough Trader Pizza Manager Robin Nakajima. Let's just say, it was a hit.

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