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A popular community hub in the city of Spearfish is answering the needs of many in the community. Now, the Spearfish Rec and Aquatics Center is expanding their outreach.

It was a Wal-Mart turned Rec Center, serving the Spearfish community since 2008. The mission has grown over the years to fit the needs of community members and currently offers: fitness classes, sporting leagues, an outdoor water park, after school care, general child care, and even a roller skate night in the winter months.

Brett Rauterkus, the Spearfish Rec & Aquatics Center superintendent, says all these amenities help make Spearfish more of a destination.

"People are coming to do all their other stuff around the Hills," Rauterkus said. "Well, maybe now they're hubbing here in Spearfish ... The kids can go to the pool. We can go out and explore other things ... So not only are our residents citizens are getting the benefit of having it, but hopefully it's driving more of that stuff too. We need people to come here and be here longer, you know, because of what we're offering."  

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The outreach is so big, they are now hiring a new recreation and youth development coordinator. It's a hybrid job, combining a number of positions to take charge of an exciting new partnership for local youth.

“We are partnering with the school and Regional Health to develop a - it's a curriculum; it's used all over the country, called CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health)," Rauterkus said. "We're going to do that here. That's a curriculum that we're going to use to start with our after-school program and our hourly care, our summer rec programs, and things like that. And it was something we were kind of already working on ... we need to focus on that a little more and have somebody that can help with that part of the development.”

The position will be filled by July 17.

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