Starbucks raised funds for Feeding South Dakota

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© Starbucks raised funds for Feeding SD  Saturday © Starbucks raised funds for Feeding SD Saturday

Starbucks showed Rapid City how a single person can make a huge difference in the life of a child Saturday morning.

Starbucks hosted its first ever, Value of One fundraiser, to help fund Feeding South Dakota's backpack program, at Memorial Park. Donors put their money towards backpacks that help feed children over weekends and summer months.

The backpacks contain meals that cover the five food groups. The fundraiser underlined the impact one generous person could have on a child, and the bigger impact of what a whole community could make.

"So often, we think that our talents or our capabilities aren't good enough, but, I do have something, and if I take that and I put it to good use, it goes together with someone else's little bit that they've got, and we stand back and we see the big picture, that 'oh, yeah. I might not have a lot; I might just be one person, but when we work together, it turns into a huge, big ordeal and it can help a lot of people,” said Karen Williams, the store manager at Starbucks.

Feeding South Dakota delivers over 2,000 backpacks throughout the year, giving hungry children a guaranteed meal outside of school feeding programs.

"The kids are very excited when they get their backpacks at school, and I know some of the teachers have reported to me that sometimes, if they aren't right there when they normally are, they're a little late or whatever, the kids are asking 'are they here yet, don't forget the backpacks,” said Debbie Renner, from Feeding South Dakota.

Numerous local musicians performed for the public, and Starbucks provided pastries and beverages for the free event.

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