Danish and U.S. military engineers join forces at Custer State Park

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Danish and U.S. military engineers joined forces June 16 at Custer State Park.

Their mission was to relocate a 40-by-6 pedestrian bridge from the Custer State Park Visitor Center and place it at the Black Hills Playhouse.

Boardwalks are also being built in order to combat flooded trails after heavy rain.

Members from both the U.S. and Danish military say that it’s a great experience to work alongside one another.

“It’s pretty sweet to kind of hear their language and then work with them and then see how they interpret our language and what they say, too,” said Pvt. Kyler Fink with the U.S. Army Engineering Company.

“For me and the other guys I've been talking to during the last week, it’s beneficial because we learn some stuff from the U.S. guys and they learn something from us,” said Cpl. Rune Johansen, with the 3rd Construction Battalion of the Danish Engineers.

Johansen also added that bridge construction is only done by civilian contractors in Denmark and that it’s an honor to see their hard work pay off years down the road.

“It’s a great honor,” Johansen said. “I’ve been on some different projects last year, and when I drive by them and it still stands and I see them - it kind of warms your heart to know that it’s going to be here for maybe 100 years or so.”

The engineers also constructed a brand new bridge at the visitor center.

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