Golden Coyote units undertake urban patrol training

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The Golden Coyote Training Exercise, hosted by the South Dakota National Guard, is a two-week exercise that provides military units with relevant training opportunities.

The Golden Coyote is one of the longest running national guard exercises in the country, calling the Black Hills home for 33 years. Participating units hail from 11 states, one territory, and even overseas.

“We’re here ensuring that soldiers of different National Guard states are able to hone their skills and become better soldiers,” said South Dakota Army National Guard Public Affairs Officer Captain Bjarne Aanning.

Urban Patrol is one of the training missions offered at West Camp Rapid. The course evaluates a unit's abilities in an urban environment. The training will evaluate units on basic tasks including: movement over urban terrain, clearing buildings, communications, and treating casualties.

Although soldiers train for long hours each day, they still make it a necessity to give back to the community. Capt. Aanning says community service is just as essential as the training. 

“In cooperation of the forest service we’re taking timber from the Black Hills, and taking it out to some of the Native American reservations. They can use it for religious ceremonies or even heating,” said Capt. Aanning.

The Golden Coyote continues through next week. For further details, you can navigate to South Dakota National Guard’s website.  

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