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I brought 3 of my children here in 2005 to begin our journey in a new life. We moved from a small town called Cokeville, Wyoming of 500 people. Rapid has been my home since. It hasn't always been easy here but worth it. I met through a friend a man who would later become my husband. That's when our true journey began. I married in 2009. In 2012 he was in an accident in Wyoming. He suffers from traumatic brain injury. We owe a lot of his recovery to different hospitals, but most goes to the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center here in our community. These people are amazing. This has opened my eyes to many things in life. It has had its ups and downs. Brain injury affects not only physical but mental on both sides. Unfortunately, our relationship didn't survive marriage. But our friendship has lasted. This is my story. If you know someone who has TBI, be patient and kind.


Never give in to the statistics of life. If I had, I would have had my first child at 16, never attended college, suffer from severe depression and be a semi-functioning alcoholic. Instead I took the path OF resistance and fight the statistic that was supposed to be my life. I think I turned out alright. 

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