Daily Skincare Routine

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In this edition of Skincare Essentials, Anya sits down with Dermatologist, Dr. Linda Fromm from Fromm Dermatology, P.C. for some insight into a daily skin care routine.

Fromm says washing your face with a mild cleanser, then applying SPF is a good start, followed up with a moisturizer. She says a toner is not necessarily needed, but can be used if desired.

For nighttime, a mild cleanser is also recommended to be followed by a moisturizer and an anti-aging product, like prescribed Tretinoin or an over-the-counter product with Retinol. The anti-aging products are recommended to be used daily or every other day before bedtime.

It is important to cleanse your face daily to prevent facial break outs.

Fromm says any mild cleanser from a drug store will do for washing your face.

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